The Origin of Spring Festival

By Joanna | 26 January 2018 | 0 Comments
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About the origin of "Spring Festival", there is a kind of legend.
Once upon a time, there existed a animal called “nian”- "Year". It had head long feelers, fierce abnormalities and lived in the sea. "Nian" will climbed out the sea and swallowed many people at midnight on the last day of lunar December. Therefore, people fled to the mountains to avoid "nian" damage on that day. One day, an old man came to the village. There was a rush of panic in the countryside, and nobody paid any attention to him, only an old woman giving him some food, and urging him to go to the mountain avoiding "nian". The old man lifted his beard saying to the lady with smile: " if you let me stay at home all night, and I'll get 'nian' away." The old lady continued to persuade. However, the old man smiled without a word.
At midnight, "nian" rushed into the village. It realized that the village was different from before. The red paper was sticked on the date. The light was full of the room. "Nian" was scared and called loudly. When “nian” came into the yard, there was explosive sound. "Nian"was so scared that it dared not close to the house. In fact, "nian" was afraid of red, the light of fire, and exploding. At this time, the lady opened the door, seeing the old man in red's court laughing. "Nian" was surprised and distressed and ran away. The second day is the first day of lunar January. People hiding in the mountain was surprised, because the village was no change. At this time, the old lady understood suddenly, telling people the experience as the old man did. It was quickly spreaded around the village. People knew how to drive "nian" way. Since then, people will put up red couplets, light firecracker and prepare delicious food to spend the Spring Festival. People will give their best wishes to all friends and families on the First day of Lunar January.
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